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Ashby Confections invites you to explore our world of luxurious hand-made chocolates & other excellent confections 
Ashby Confections is a premiere artisan online
chocolate store — shop now!

Ashby Confections founder, Jennifer Ashby, is part of the newer, modern-day wave of U.S.-based chocolatiers who are producing super high-quality European-style confections that, well, at this time, are just not for everyone. Though little by little, new customers are finding their way to Ashby Confections  — in person and on-line — who had previously never dreamt of spending more than 75 cents or a dollar for a chocolate bar. 


Think Quality — “We Only Live Once! 

First-time visitors to Ashby Confections sometimes ask why our products cost more than than a Snickers or Mars Bar. Jennifer says, “All of our confections consist of first-rate ingredients plus we make them by hand, as opposed to a push-button assembly method. Our chocolates, caramels, all of our candies, we’re taking it another level, in quality and taste.” 


It’s like comparing your basic Ford or Toyota compact to a Bentley or Rolls Royce  The Ford and Toyota will get you from point A to point B, but that’s where the comparisons end. It’s the same with our products. “But what’s great, “ says Jennifer, “is you’ll only need to spend a few dollars in order to experience our superb, top-end chocolate, as opposed to shelling out $185,000 to $250,000 for a brand-new Bently or Rolls." 

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A selection of Truffles
Milk and Dark Chocolate Rocky Road
Pecan Tortoises
Truffles, Pate de Fruit
Making 6,000 truffles for Intel!

"Our chocolates, caramels and other fine sweets are a high-pleasure per-dollar ratio experience; what else can you get for a few dollars where one bite may lift your spirits to a “heaven-on-earth” reflection?"   

—Jennifer Ashby  

Artisan Online Chocolate Store

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online chocolate and candy shop


online chocolate and candy shop

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