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Our Tortoises are one of our most popular products because, well, that's why we call them "Tortoises" instead of "Turtles"; they're huge (about the size of the palm of your hand) and there are two in every order!

Everybody loves, or at least knows somebody who “loves Turtles”! They are all dolloped with our handmade secret recipe of buttery caramel and then covered in rich, fair trade chocolate. In addition to our Caramel being handmade with love but also, we use nothing the highest quality organic dairy products.

We have conducted rigorous side by side taste tests with and without organic dairy products, and we (and our tasters) have found the flavor to be richer and more complex with the use of high quality organic cream. Some of our Tortoises are been sprinkled with sea salt to complement the wonderful contrast of sweetness and saltiness.

Our Tortoises come in pairs because after one bite, the first thing you want to do is call someone to share it with, so you need a second one!. They are guaranteed to be fresh as they are likely to have been within a day or two (if not the same day!) that they ship out to you. They make excellent gifts and we have found that our Tortoises made with Dark Chocolate pair especially nicely with most red wines. They store well (for as long as a month in a dark cool location) and freeze well too.

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