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Dark Chocolate Tortoise with Agave Caramel & Monterey Bay Sea Salt

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10 roasted Mammoth Pecan halves, our own decadently buttery handmade Caramel, 70% Fair Trade Dark Chocolate and a sprinkling of sea salt goes into each and every Dark Chocolate Agave Caramel Pecan Tortoise.

As with most Ashby Confections, people often comment that the level of sweetness is not overpowering but "just right". We pride ourselves on being able to achieve the perfect balance of flavors; chocolate (of course!), roasted nuttiness, sweetness, the butteriness of the caramel, all enhanced by the perfect hint of salt. They are, if we do say so, exquisite!

These Tortoises are made with a slightly different caramel – our own Agave Caramel. This caramel has a slightly smokier flavor profile than our traditional caramel, which nicely complements the smoky notes in the roasted Pecans. Blind taste tests show that people love both varieties of caramel – Agave and Traditional – so we invite you to try both! Our Tortoises are large enough so they cut up nicely for parties and pair beautifully with red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignons and Petit Syrahs.

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