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Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut Tortoise

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If you love Coconut, these Tortoises are for you! Everyone knows that Coconut and Chocolate are a perfect pair together, and Caramel and Chocolate of course, go well together, so why not all three?

Well, this combo has been a full-fledged “Grand Slam” at our shop, and is one of our most popular Tortoises.

Toasted ‘slightly sweetened’ coconut, our exquisitely delicious caramel and 70% Fair Trade Dark Chocolate make these a winner!

As with most Ashby Confections, people often comment that the level of sweetness is not overpowering but "just right". We pride ourselves on being able to achieve the perfect balance of flavors; chocolate (of course!), the toasted fragrance of Coconut, sublime sweetness and the butteriness of the caramel. They are, if we do say so, exquisite!

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