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Serving' it Up... Santa Cruz Style!

Update: We have closed our Santa Cruz location and are focusing all our efforts at our Scotts Valley store instead.

If you're in the Santa Cruz area, (even if you're in Silicon Valley, it's worth the drive over the hill!), you must come by our new location at 1001 Center Street in Santa Cruz.

For example, look at this ICED Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!! So SOOO good... All cold and creamy! So perfect on a day like today.

We are so excited and inspired by our new Chocolate cafe and lounge downtown at 1001 Center Street!! We are officially unofficially open and serving hot chocolate. In time, before its starts getting really warm outside, we will have chocolate milks and frozen desserts and MORE!! Stay tuned! But for now, we have a smattering of our handmade chocolates and a hot chocolate menu with traditional South American style and European style drinks.

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