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Mass Production... By Hand!

We didn't get much (OK, None!) of a breather after Valentine's Day, when we received an order from Intel for, wait for it... SIX-THOUSAND chocolate pieces! That's right! A Six followed by three zeroes!

For Ashby Confections, a strictly handmade operation, that means a LOT of extra hands or very long hours. It ended up being both of course!

We had our two milk chocolate and dark chocoalte conching/tempering machines running running 24/7 while we filled the molds, whipped ganache to within an inch of it's life, mixed this and that, ordered extra pixie dust to make it all magical but we made it and it was, as usual, a labor of love!

Of course, while this was going we were also making Goat Milk white chocolate bars and truffles along with all the other Ashby Confections favorites our customers love and expect to find on the shelves and we could not dissappoint them!

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