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I started making chocolates and other candies in 2003, right out of culinary school. I have always loved food, and living on the central coast of California, near San Francisco exposes me to some of the best of good foods. Eating chocolate is a full sensual experience, meaning that all of our senses are utilized if we can slow down and pay attention. We first eat with our eyes. Chocolates can be so beautiful with or without color, molded or enrobed. The various applications of the chocolate will present a different sheen, from satin to patent leather. After opening a box of chocolates or a bar and seeing the chocolate, you will notice its aroma. Next, when you bite into the chocolate, it will usually have a 'snap' that you can hear. As you begin to taste it, it melts on your tongue and you can feel the smoothness of a very fine couverture. Chocolate conveniently melts just below body temperature, and when it has a high cocoa butter content, the melt is even nicer. My most true aspiration is to make incredible chocolates and candies, and to make them as pure as I can . I want them to leave impressions on the people who eat them, preferably good impressions. Not everybody likes everything we make, but we certainly try to please everyone with at least something. My staff and I take great pride in the products that we make. We do have a retail store that I opened almost 2 years ago. Its has been a joy to meet customers and see them again and again. That became part of my dream as well- interact with the customers, take special requests as much as I can, try new things out on them etc. I am looking forward to meeting people on here as well. Check out my website, YELP and Facebook pages, and feel free to call the shop if you have any questions, dietary concerns or special requests. 831-454-8299 Thanks for checking out my store! - Jen Ashby

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