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"Our unending passion is what drives us to try and perfect our products.”   

— Jennifer Ashby 

Jennifer and her crew consider it a privilege to make products that people eat. If you think about it — and they do — it’s quite personal as to what people put into their bodies. “I love to cook for my family and friends,” says Jennifer. “I want the experiences to be memorable and not just wasted calories. My crew members and I bring that same passionate attitude to Ashby Confections every day; we’re lucky: I can’t really call it ‘work’ per se because we find so much joy in what we do. We feel fortunate that we can make people happy — chocolates can have that power!  — and add a lift to one’s day. 

Though, so much of what they do is fun-based, Ashby Confections is earnest in bringing maximum pleasure to its customers in the form of artisan chocolates and other outstanding confections. “We strive to make the best chocolates, caramels,  marshmallows and myriad other sweets, says Jennifer. “Using only the most selective ingredients, all of our products are made from scratch, in small batches and by hand.”  

Some of those fine ingredients include organic Guittard and organic White Label Chocolate. White Label is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate company located in downtown Santa Cruz and is creating some most sublime single origin chocolate. Ashby uses Clover organic dairy products and all fruits, herbs and spices are fresh, organic and sourced locally, whenever possible. 

Jennifer says, “What we do is more hands-on, a little more costly, and more time-consuming than what the gigantic corporate candy makers put forth. And that’s okay as our many repeat customers absolutely adore what we do. That is so gratifying because what we do is a true labor-of-love.” 

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