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At Ashby Confections, we’re serious about making chocolate for people who are equally serious about treating themselves or others to a full-body sensory experience. Not only do our sweets taste absolutely delectable, but they are visually inspiring too. “I love using color to highlight our candies,” says Jennifer. “I think it’s much more impressive for people to look at than a case of ordinary brown chocolates. Adding a decorative touch does take more time, but I think it’s worth the effort as customers readily respond to it — they get really excited!”  


Further benefits to crafting beautiful decorations is that each chocolate can stand on its own and not blend in, and the artful side of candy-making is a whole lot of fun for us! 


A mindful chocolate experience: Jennifer says, “If a person is somewhat distracted when they bite into one of my chocolates, I’m hoping that all of their attention will be placed in the moment of what is in their mouth because it is so good — the world stops because it tastes so wonderful and they are brought into the present moment. And if this doesn’t happen then I’m not doing my job.”     



And that “full-body sensory experience?” You gaze at one of our artfully decorated “gems” that seems to be beckoning you forward; you bring that perfectly luscious chocolate close enough to inhale its intoxicating perfume, dark and sweet; “craving” is what you’re brain is now singing out before your first bite, which now brings an instantaneous sensory explosion where your ears, teeth, tongue and now tastebuds verify you’re in a very happy place. And that’s with just one bite! Yes, it doesn’t take much for an Ashly Confection candy to bring a sense of well-being. (Contentment.)  

“Artfully crafted, whimsically adorned, a full-body sensory experience awaits your fulfillment” — Jennifer Ashby 

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