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Even when it  comes to shipping, Ashby Confections does it right.

The photo above illustrates why shipping might be costlier than you expect (we do offer wintertime shipping discounts!). Every shipment is as temperature-controlled as possible. Every box is lined with foil-coated bubble-wrap insulation, paper padding, a super-cold chill-pak and the confections are sealed in plastic bags.


So even to when we ship to Bisbee Arizona in the middle of Summer, our comprehensive packaging virtually guarantees your confections will arrive in perfect condition. As a matter of fact, should there BE a mishap that either delays or results in temperature extremes that compromises our product, we will ship your order to you again at no charge!


One final point is that the cost of shipping is largely unaffected by the physical size of your order. If you order two or three 4-piece boxed chocolates, or you order twelve 4-piece boxes, the shipping is going to be pretty much the same, simply because the cost of insulating our perishable confections from the elements is the same for every order, large or small.


So what we are saying, (and this is sincere, despite the fact that it might seem very self-serving!) is that you get a better deal with a larger order than a small one!

OK, we'll admit it right up front. At Ashby Confections, we are control freaks. We are on top of everything that we can control to make sure our products are exquisite.


Unfortunately, two things beyond our control are the weather and the caprice of delivery service. You can imagine that we might find ourselves a bit frustrated and disappointed to ship out perfectly pristine chocolates, only to have a puddle of brown goo pour out of the box at the other end.

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