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All About Ashby Confections...

About Ashby Confections… 

How Beauty & Love Inspires All — Our Crew & Customers Alike! 




Art & Fine Chocolates

Art, the visual side of chocolate and confection-making has always been an integral part of Jennifer Ashby’s candy-making. When asked about an art background, she says,  “Personally, but not professionally. I didn’t go to art school, but I was always drawing and painting as a kid and making things. I did take a pottery class and some painting classes. I love art and I love cooking. For me they’re intertwined


Beautifully Inspiring 

"What initially drew me to making chocolates in the beginning was the beauty. I went to school for baking — I was always baking. I went for the skills to make beautifully plated and decorative deserts. I was taken back by how beautiful people could make candy and chocolates.  They were no longer just boring old brown bars. I was seeing amazing colors and patterns and beautiful shapes, and that is what I brought to Ashy Confections. I think people certainly respond to the many visually, stimulating products we make.” 


You Gotta Love…

Jennifer graduated from Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Saint Helena, CA and opened  Ashby Confections in 2008. She says, “I have to love what I do because it’s tricky work and temperamental, and there are so many variables. It takes patience and it’s so detailed-oriented. Making chocolates and confections is harder comparatively than making other foods. If I do my job well — and I do— a fresh orange truffle tastes as good today as a batch made two years ago. We have to be consistent — its what our customers demand of us.” 


Made-By-Hand and n Small Batches 

All Ashby chocolates and other confections are made by hand, i.e., with love and care. So whether it’s a Meyer lemon lavender truffle, hazelnut pralines filled with delicious house-made gianduja, or sea salt caramels sprinkled with salt from the Monterey Bay, your taste buds will absolutely appreciate Ashby’s old-world method of making fine chocolates.


Reasons to shop online: convenience; you live out of the area; 

it’s none of our business! 

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